Friday, February 13, 2009

Training time with Dad

I had a late night meeting so my husband took over crowd control for the night. He is all excited to get a night alone with the kids and work on some training. I leave behind Poe's "homework" for obedience class and head out the door.

I get home and ask if they got in any training in. This is the run down of the things they worked on:

- Don't eat your brother's face
- Don't sit on your sister's head
- Jumping into Dad's arms
- NOT jumping into his arms when Dad is carrying juice
- Don't lick Dad's juice off the floor
- Hey that's MY juice
- Jumping on Dad's back
- Just cause I bend over it doesn't mean you can jump on my back
- Waiting for Dad to actual bend over before attempting to jump on his back
- If one dog is on Dad's back, you stay off it
- Fitting 80 lbs of combined collie on dad's back
- Don't fight with your sister
- Don't fight with your brother
- Don't fight on the couch next to Dad
- Don't fight on top of Dad.

And so I return to find two smiling collies and one husband that looks a bit like a shrimp curled up on the couch.

Things that they didn't have time for:
- Sit
- Down
- Stand
- Touch
- Heel
- Recall

But hey, I think everyone had fun.


  1. lol I love those 2. Poor MrSetsail - "MY BALLS".

  2. Glad to know we aren't the only one working on 'stop fighting with your brother' and 'don't eat his face'!