Thursday, April 23, 2009

SPCA March for the Animals

Over the weekend Jackson and I participated in a disc dog demo for the SPCA. He had a blast. He got to be on TV, got cheered by the crowd and got to meet a giant turtle. All in one day! He was a real super star. He helped the newswoman deliver a live teaser for the morning news show all by himself! I got to be a total stage mom and make hand puppets behind the cameraman while he posed and modeled his good lookin' self. Then he got to play frisbee for the camera. Now that he has been on TV he let the stardom go to his head. After his TV spot he forgot the little people, snubbing treats from friends. Gotta get that ego in check.

During his demo he was having a lot of fun. Enjoy:

We love doing demos. It is fun to just play with my dog without pressure. People are always happy to see the dogs fly. And Jackson is a true Cinderella story. This gives us a chance to talk about his background and show what a rescue can do! It also helps people realize that anyone can get out there and start competing. I am not the most talented and Jackson isn't the fastest, but with some hardwork we can manage to improve lol.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The 45,670th reason that Poe is "special"

We have 2 very nice braided fleece tugs made for us by a friend. The other night we are playing with the longer tug and Poe was assaulted. The crime scene investigation lays out the crime. See the case file below:

Victim: species-Canine sex-female name-Poe
Witness: species- Human sex-female name-Setsail

The complaint: The tug was wrapped around the victim's back leg. One end of the tug was being held by the witness. The other end was in the victim's mouth. The victim was pulling on the tug toy when she was assaulted by something resembling a foot to the side of the head. The victim was assaulted by the foot repeatedly until the victim dropped the tug from her mouth and attacked the assault weapon.

Detective's notes: The assailant turned out to be the victim's own foot. Apparently with the tug wrapped around the back leg, every time the victim tugged on the tug toy her back leg would fling out, kicking herself in the face. The victim, not seeing the connection between the paw to the face and the tugging motion being made with her mouth continued to play with the witness, repeatedly kicking herself in the face until the victim attacked her assailant. No injuries were sustained during the attack.

Charges filed: The victim has decided not to press charges at this time. However she had vowed revenge on the witness for laughing at her and a restraining order my be issued against the attacking foot.

Yup, everytime she tugged she got kicked in the face until she finally growled and attacked her own foot. Yes, Poe resource guarded the tug from herself. And this is why Poe is so special.

border collies.............the smartest breed.

Until Poe

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Border collie moves

Having 2 young agile athletic dogs in the same house makes play time so much fun. They make up little games with each other and moves that would even awe Matrix special effect directors. Here is just a sampling of their most common moves:

The Flying Squirrel: Poe is about half of Jackson's size, making it very hard to wipe him out. Enter the flying squirrel. Poe will climb to a high height such as the bed or the couch. She will jump out to Jackson with all 4 legs extended, hind legs a little further out than her front legs. All legs are spread as far as possible to achieve maximum surface area at time of impact in the hopes of toppling the giant. Considering that Jackson isn't paralyzed or stupid, this doesn't often work because he just steps to the side or duck and watches her crash into the ground. She also greatly underestimates the sheer strength of the brute because the few times she has hit him with the flying squirrel she just bounces off his side and falls onto the floor while Jackson looks over his shoulder rolling his eyes at her.

The Paw biter: This is usually the secondary attack strategy after an ill fated flying squirrel mission. After crashing into the floor Poe will roll into Jackson, snapping at his ankles. He usually stops this by sitting on her.

The 'Possum: Poe will innocently lay in the dog bed or on the couch, luring her victim into a false sense of security. When Jackson walks by she will suddenly lunge out, gnaw on his ear and promptly fall back asleep. The possum can also be used in the middle of paw to paw combat in combination with the paw biter. The fur is flying and Poe will suddenly fall over. Jackson stands over to investigate, leaving him open to a paw biter attack.

Ring Around the Poesy: This is a spin off of the possum. Poe will lay on her side in the middle of the floor. Jackson will circle her carefully like one would a live bomb. At some point Poe will spring to life and jump on his head.

Cartoon Ninja: During a stand off Poe will stand on her hind legs, front legs bend down with her head turned to the side. Finally she makes her move and walks up to him on her hind legs, snakes her head to the side and goes for the neck/head. It is called the cartoon ninja because if you listen closely you can almost hear the "Waaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaa" in her head before she strikes. However, it can also be labeled the velicoraptor.

My Ass is Bigger Than YoursTM: This is a trademark move for Jackson. When Poe comes in for an attack he will body check her with his bum. Then spin in a circle, pushing her away with his big hairy rear. This is usually the point where Poe will attempt a flying squirrel out of ineffectual rage.

TIMBER!!!!!!: Another Jackson move. Poe will hook a paw over his back and pull him down. He will exaggerate the fall, roll on his back and expose his belly. Poe moves in for the kill, but Jackson flips back on his feet and smacks her as she falls face first into the carpet.

I'm bigger, the end: When Jackson needs a break he will just sit on Poe's head. He will lay on top of her and occasionally spoon her. A nice homey scene except for the crazy legs. You can't see Poe, but you can see her legs flailing like a beetle stuck on it's back.

Circus Pony: Jackson will stand in place and prance like a pony. Poe will be laying on her back under him and will try to catch his legs as they dance.

The Berserker: Poe might be tiny, but she is mighty. Jackson might be bigger but Poe is crazier. She demonstrates this by wrinkling her puppy face into a rather comical snarl while emitting high pitched yips and squeals. She will paw at the ground and rub her face in the carpet like a bull, give a scream and flying squirrel into Jackson. Usually Jackson just side steps and looks at me saying "that there is one CRAZY bitch". The Berserker either ends in poe zoomies or Jackson puts a stop to it with I'm bigger than you, the end.

So there is just a sample of their antics. Conversations in our house go a lot like this:

"Jackson Timbered on Poe and she paw bit him. He started to bum bump her and she totally flying squirrelled his ass!"

I really need to get these moves on video. I'm thinking pay-per-view.