Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The 45,670th reason that Poe is "special"

We have 2 very nice braided fleece tugs made for us by a friend. The other night we are playing with the longer tug and Poe was assaulted. The crime scene investigation lays out the crime. See the case file below:

Victim: species-Canine sex-female name-Poe
Witness: species- Human sex-female name-Setsail

The complaint: The tug was wrapped around the victim's back leg. One end of the tug was being held by the witness. The other end was in the victim's mouth. The victim was pulling on the tug toy when she was assaulted by something resembling a foot to the side of the head. The victim was assaulted by the foot repeatedly until the victim dropped the tug from her mouth and attacked the assault weapon.

Detective's notes: The assailant turned out to be the victim's own foot. Apparently with the tug wrapped around the back leg, every time the victim tugged on the tug toy her back leg would fling out, kicking herself in the face. The victim, not seeing the connection between the paw to the face and the tugging motion being made with her mouth continued to play with the witness, repeatedly kicking herself in the face until the victim attacked her assailant. No injuries were sustained during the attack.

Charges filed: The victim has decided not to press charges at this time. However she had vowed revenge on the witness for laughing at her and a restraining order my be issued against the attacking foot.

Yup, everytime she tugged she got kicked in the face until she finally growled and attacked her own foot. Yes, Poe resource guarded the tug from herself. And this is why Poe is so special.

border collies.............the smartest breed.

Until Poe