Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Gotcha day Little Poe!

One year ago today we decided to adopt the cutest little crazy dog east of the Mississippi. After too many late nights on petfinder DH found his dog:

The cutest little freckles, the impish look on the cutest little face. The fluffy little skunk tail, the batshitcrazy eyes. He had to have her. It was only after I spent minutes fawning over her that he broke the news to me that she was in Alabama.


Somehow my DH managed to convince me that driving 16 hours from Maryland to Alabama to look at a little dog we knew nothing about was not the epitome of crazy. So we packed up the car, packed up Jack and drove overnight to the deep south. As we arrive to the foster mom's house the skies open, thunder booms and I'm sure the angels were snickering at us as we saw our new little girl for the first time. She was even cuter in person and so calm in her crate. Then we let her out and quickly realized that she was completely insane. And we were completely in love.

Most of my pictures from the drive home looked like this. Now you can see what the world looks like through my eyes. Kind of trippy isn't it?

The feeling was NOT the same for Jackson. A month of growls and pouts and temper tantrums, but the little dog never stopped trying to be his friend. Finally one night Jackson decided to play with this thing in his house and they have been inseparable ever since.

Life with poe hasn't been boring. She is smart, creative and hell on wheels. The e-vet number is on the fridge for the late night calls of "My dog ate......". She has an affinity for laundry. The vets groan when she comes into the room. She is quite the little klepto.

Poe has been the perfect addition to our family. She makes us laugh everyday and pushes us to be better trainers and owners. She has found her calling in the flyball lanes and it has been an adventure to see her blossom into a happy, confident, funloving dog. However we are still working on the whole disc dog thing lol.

She has been the best little sister for Jackson. She knows when to push and when to back off and her love of life has brightened up his outlook on the world. Her happiness with strangers and need for attention has pulled Jackson out of his shell. Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to overcome a little fear of people.

She loves her brother, loves her dad, loves her ball and loves life. And everyday I give thanks to the rescue that pulled her from the shelter before that spark could be extinguished.

So Little Miss Poe, thanks for being just the thing we didn't know we needed :) Thanks for being the best little sister for our quirky boy Jack. Thanks for just being you, you spunky little thing. And thanks for all of the gray hair on my head. Happy gotcha day little girl. The last year has been a wild ride and we look forward to rest of the trip. Can't wait to see what you will come up with next