Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year in Review

With 2010 over and 2011 all shiny and new I reflect back on the wonderful year I had with my collie crew. Because I'm a horrible blogger you missed out on the misadventures of 2010. So here is the duo's year in review! You might want to get a cup of coffee and settle in for the long haul.

- Big trip to North Carolina to see best friend and run in a flyball tournament!
- Poe earned her FDCh-G (2,500 points)

- Snow, Snow Snow! We had 2 blizzards in a week, both storms dumped over 2 feet .
- Jackson's Gotcha Day
- A little flyball :)
- Not enough disc :(

Hello?? Anyone out there?

My big brother is so MEAN! I'm just a little girl!

She totally deserved it. she's a brat

Alabama Dog is SICK of Snow

All about Poe
- Lots of flyball!
- No Snow! Yay!
- No disc! Boo!

Photos by my ever so talented best friend :)

All about Jackson
- Disc season started! Jackson finally gets to play! Woohoo!
- Did a few demos, including the March for the Animals in Baltimore.
- Poe ended up in the Baltimore Sun's Weekend in Photos slideshow!

Hey look, no snow on the ground!

- Lots of competing between disc and flyball
- Back down to North Carolina for disc dog qualifier
- Jackson wins Novice Open Division
- Poe comes in 3rd for Novice Sport Division?!
- More disc competitions and demos
- Flyball! Poe's happy
- Poe earned her FM!!!! (5,000 points)
All this for me?*

* Jackson suffers for poor self-esteem

My first disc award!

Iz earned another title?! Go me :) I rock*

*Poe does not suffer from poor self-esteem

- Setsail is super brave and takes both dogs to a 2 day tournament with camping.
- Jackson rocked the house and brought home a whole car full of hardware. Even Poe won a ribbon :)
- Jackson, along with his buddy Steele, win Baltimore's Best Singing Dog contest :)
- Poe once again ends up in the Baltimore Sun's slideshow lol.
- Jackson starts a canine musical freestyle class so he can sing and dance!
- Jackson and Poe compete at the NE Regional Qualifier.
- Jackson was awesome, winning both Novice Open and Sport divisions
- Poe, not so much.

This is my first camping trip. Do I like camping?

Yeah, I like camping! But less disc, more flyball!

Haha! This is me embarrassing you!

- Poe beats the heat at the neighborhood beach.
- Poe's gotcha day!!!!
- And we end the month with flyball :)
Beginning to think she is part otter

- Pack up the collie kids and head to New York for a competition
- More camping, this time with Poe's best border collie friend, Sky :)
*sigh* No pictures because mom is a lazy tool *sigh*
- Flyball = happy Poe
- Disc = happy Jack
- Travel = Tired Setsail
- Another camping trip with lots of disc dog friends :)
- Went to Chattanooga, TN to watch the World Disc Dog Finals
- Jackson won Novice Open at the Last chance qualifier in TN

Why are there no pictures of me playing....hum?

The kids hanging out in their swanky hotel room in TN

- Heading with our team to Indianapolis, IN for Can-Am
- Largest flyball tournament ever with 3 days of racing
- Setsail realizes she is too old to drive overnight and race in the morning

Holy Hell that was a long drive!

I got my ball. I is proud of myself

- Poe earned her FMX (10,000 points)
- No disc for Jackson but here he his with his October ribbons

So what you're saying is that stay doesn't mean creeping up behind you?

Mother, really, a pile of leaves as a prop? So old school.

The old man takes a much deserved break until 2011

- Happy Holidays!
- No disc, no flyball, no traveling
- *deep breath*

It was an awesome year. Time to rest up for 2011

The collie crew gave me an amazing year:
3 Flyball titles for Poe
3 Novice Open wins for Jackson
8 States with competitions in MD, VA, PA, DE, NY, NC, IN, TN
12 months of memories and good times

And here is your medal for making it this far :)

Happy New Year!!! May 2011 be wonderful for you and those you hold dear.
2011....Bring it On.....I'm ready

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What do you mean there's no Santa?

Merry Christmas and (almost) happy new year from the collie crew! I know, I know. It's been a while my friends but lets see if I keep one of my resolutions this year. Jackson and Poe wish to say hello and hope you had a happy holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! I'm so excited!!!
What are so excited about Poe? You know Santa isn't real right? I mean, what are you, a puppy?
What do you mean there's No Santa?

This is just a bad dream. I'll dream of Santa and he will be real.

SANTA!!!! You are real!! I knew it!
*Jackson whispers*
I still believe in you Santa

So a few days late, but Happy Holidays! We hope 2011 will be a good one for you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Little Buddy!

6 years ago today I got a little (well, not that little) wild border collie that changed my life forever. Thank you for being the best dog you can be and helping me be the best person I can hope to be.

In the last year Jackson has proven once again that he is always learning. He earned his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and did so well that the evaluator didn't even believe his background. He has started training for flyball at the age of 9 (well, estimated...he really thinks he is 5 but he can't read a calendar. The best thing about not having a birthday is that you can be as old as you feel). He has been jumping higher, running faster and pushing me harder everyday.

When asked to describe Jackson's story is just 6 words the only thing I could come up with was "right time, right car, right life". Everyday Jackson proves to me that what is meant to be will be. It is hard to dismiss fate when you trace his journey as wild stray in rural Colorado to a loving family dog living on the east coast. He is one of the lucky ones that was discarded but found the place he was meant to be all along. Which is in my lap, on my couch, in my life and in my heart.

So Jackson, happy gotcha day little buddy.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I have a blog?! What blog?

Okay, so I have a big problem with follow through! I have been extremely lax with my blog entries for the last oh.......4 months.

Mother, I'm disappointed in you

What, you don't want to tell people about us? *sniff*

Way to lay it on thick you two.....

In the last 4 months things have been a little hectic. The setsails have bought the terrible twosome a little collie cottage on the coast. Then the Poester decided that she was going to be a flyball star and started competing long before the humans were ready. Jackson has his schedule full of competitions and guest appearances. Then of course there is work, ya know, what pays for all the kibble!

Sorry for the lack of info on the mischief makers and I'll try to catch ya'll up on the misadventures of Jackson and Poe!

That's right Mom. And you better not do it again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Casa del Collies

*Jingle Jingle*

What could that sound be?

*Jingle Jingle*

Could it be the keys to a new house for the duo of destruction?

Why YES! Yes it is!!!!

After 5 long years of waiting for us human to get our stuff together we finally got the fur face a house of his own. And hopefully fabio-dog can help make some of the payments.
Mama, you so funny

Guess not.

Anywho, we signed our financial life away for 30 years and got the keys in our hot little hands. The dynamic duo are going to be so happy. There is a big yard in the back, a huge deck, a beach up the street, and a nice boardwalk on the water in the next town over. What more could a collie want except for the beach to be full of sheeps?

So, welcome to the Casa del Collies

Hopefully the collies will be happy in their new digs. If not, they can do what they do best, turn tricks and make some $$.

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right.