Monday, December 28, 2009

I have a blog?! What blog?

Okay, so I have a big problem with follow through! I have been extremely lax with my blog entries for the last oh.......4 months.

Mother, I'm disappointed in you

What, you don't want to tell people about us? *sniff*

Way to lay it on thick you two.....

In the last 4 months things have been a little hectic. The setsails have bought the terrible twosome a little collie cottage on the coast. Then the Poester decided that she was going to be a flyball star and started competing long before the humans were ready. Jackson has his schedule full of competitions and guest appearances. Then of course there is work, ya know, what pays for all the kibble!

Sorry for the lack of info on the mischief makers and I'll try to catch ya'll up on the misadventures of Jackson and Poe!

That's right Mom. And you better not do it again.


  1. Hi there setsail friends! Mommy and I agree that we need to hear more about the twosome more often, but we will forgive you. But only if Poester and I can play together.....just imagine that fun.

  2. We would love to play! Sorry our mom is such a flake.

    -Jackson and Poe

  3. hello jackson and poe its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to see yoo!!! i like yore orandj jakkit tucker sez he yoozd to hav wun like that so the hunters woodnt mistayk him for a deer i gess it must hav wurkd becuz he is still arownd!!! ok bye

  4. Hi friends! We thought you went away forever!!!!
    So glad to hear from you :)
    You are looking great as usual!