Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year in Review

With 2010 over and 2011 all shiny and new I reflect back on the wonderful year I had with my collie crew. Because I'm a horrible blogger you missed out on the misadventures of 2010. So here is the duo's year in review! You might want to get a cup of coffee and settle in for the long haul.

- Big trip to North Carolina to see best friend and run in a flyball tournament!
- Poe earned her FDCh-G (2,500 points)

- Snow, Snow Snow! We had 2 blizzards in a week, both storms dumped over 2 feet .
- Jackson's Gotcha Day
- A little flyball :)
- Not enough disc :(

Hello?? Anyone out there?

My big brother is so MEAN! I'm just a little girl!

She totally deserved it. she's a brat

Alabama Dog is SICK of Snow

All about Poe
- Lots of flyball!
- No Snow! Yay!
- No disc! Boo!

Photos by my ever so talented best friend :)

All about Jackson
- Disc season started! Jackson finally gets to play! Woohoo!
- Did a few demos, including the March for the Animals in Baltimore.
- Poe ended up in the Baltimore Sun's Weekend in Photos slideshow!

Hey look, no snow on the ground!

- Lots of competing between disc and flyball
- Back down to North Carolina for disc dog qualifier
- Jackson wins Novice Open Division
- Poe comes in 3rd for Novice Sport Division?!
- More disc competitions and demos
- Flyball! Poe's happy
- Poe earned her FM!!!! (5,000 points)
All this for me?*

* Jackson suffers for poor self-esteem

My first disc award!

Iz earned another title?! Go me :) I rock*

*Poe does not suffer from poor self-esteem

- Setsail is super brave and takes both dogs to a 2 day tournament with camping.
- Jackson rocked the house and brought home a whole car full of hardware. Even Poe won a ribbon :)
- Jackson, along with his buddy Steele, win Baltimore's Best Singing Dog contest :)
- Poe once again ends up in the Baltimore Sun's slideshow lol.
- Jackson starts a canine musical freestyle class so he can sing and dance!
- Jackson and Poe compete at the NE Regional Qualifier.
- Jackson was awesome, winning both Novice Open and Sport divisions
- Poe, not so much.

This is my first camping trip. Do I like camping?

Yeah, I like camping! But less disc, more flyball!

Haha! This is me embarrassing you!

- Poe beats the heat at the neighborhood beach.
- Poe's gotcha day!!!!
- And we end the month with flyball :)
Beginning to think she is part otter

- Pack up the collie kids and head to New York for a competition
- More camping, this time with Poe's best border collie friend, Sky :)
*sigh* No pictures because mom is a lazy tool *sigh*
- Flyball = happy Poe
- Disc = happy Jack
- Travel = Tired Setsail
- Another camping trip with lots of disc dog friends :)
- Went to Chattanooga, TN to watch the World Disc Dog Finals
- Jackson won Novice Open at the Last chance qualifier in TN

Why are there no pictures of me playing....hum?

The kids hanging out in their swanky hotel room in TN

- Heading with our team to Indianapolis, IN for Can-Am
- Largest flyball tournament ever with 3 days of racing
- Setsail realizes she is too old to drive overnight and race in the morning

Holy Hell that was a long drive!

I got my ball. I is proud of myself

- Poe earned her FMX (10,000 points)
- No disc for Jackson but here he his with his October ribbons

So what you're saying is that stay doesn't mean creeping up behind you?

Mother, really, a pile of leaves as a prop? So old school.

The old man takes a much deserved break until 2011

- Happy Holidays!
- No disc, no flyball, no traveling
- *deep breath*

It was an awesome year. Time to rest up for 2011

The collie crew gave me an amazing year:
3 Flyball titles for Poe
3 Novice Open wins for Jackson
8 States with competitions in MD, VA, PA, DE, NY, NC, IN, TN
12 months of memories and good times

And here is your medal for making it this far :)

Happy New Year!!! May 2011 be wonderful for you and those you hold dear.
2011....Bring it On.....I'm ready