Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day little buddy!!!!!!

Five years ago this week my life turned upside down. My best friend was leaving for Africa and I agreed to keep one of the dogs she had rescues 9 months earlier. I loved dogs, but hadn't had one as an adult and what little I knew about border collies was enough to make me realize that I would NEVER have one. But my friend needed help and Jackson needed a home so I thought, what the hell? Never mind that I was broke. Never mind that I wasn't allowed to have dogs in my apartment and would have to hide a 50 lb collie. I made my one and only impulse decision and offered to keep Jackson.

Jackson was found 9 months prior as a wild stray in eastern Colorado. Emaciated, flea ridden, matted and feral, he stepped out in front of my friend's truck while she was driving into the middle of nowhere for research. She managed to get him and his brother into the truck and took them into her life. She vetted them, cared for them and trained them. She drove them back east hoping they would have a better shot at being adopted. Her parents ended up with Wiley and I ended up with Jackson. After returning from Africa Wiley came to live with her again and the boys were back together.
This Jackson on his first day. Skinny, sunbleached and scared out of his mind. He's ideal weight is 50lbs. Here he was in the high 20-low 30 lb range. He was almost half his ideal weight.

So not only did I suddenly have a border collie, I had a wild border collie that had been starved, neglected and abandoned. I had no money for behaviorists or classes so with the help of some wonderful advice from online friends, books, and unlimited patience we slowly because to heal. Happy, content and looking good, Jackson has made great strides in accepting people into his life. His strong spirit and willingness to trust has helped turn him into a wonderful companion.

He has handled his transition from feral stray to high profile city dog with style, grace and humor.

We have made one heck of a team on and off the field as we helped each other through numerous challenges and periods of loneliness. With my best friend abroad and my husband in grad school Jackson was a source of companionship and comfort. And I hope that my presence helped him adjust to his new life and the expectations that came with it.

Jackson has completely turned my life upside down, all for the better. Rest well old man, you earned it!!!!!
So to Jackson....Happy 5 year Anniversary of your Gotcha Day. The last 5 have been great and here's looking forward to the future and all that you can achieve.


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Jackson! You're one lucky boy :)

  2. You're such a handsome boy! Happy Gotcha Day!