Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introducing the main characters

Welcome to the misadventures of Jackson and Poe! And just who are Jackson and Poe?

This is Jackson and Poe!

Now a little introduction to the main characters in this comedy I call my life.

Jackson: He's on the right Jackson is a border collie/rough coat(Lassie) collie mix. He has tolerated us for the last 5 years. He was found by my best frind running wild in eastern Colorado with his brother when he was 2 years old. My friend drove him and his brother back to Maryland hoping to find good homes for them both. After he ran away, chased some birds, and barked at everyone I told my friend he was a good dog and secretly laughed behind her back. But alas, as usual, the joke was on me. Over the next few months I got to know Jackson and I realized that he was in fact a great dog. During this time my friend was accepted into the Peace Corp and I offered to take Jackson. The rest is history! Jackson is now a mature 8 yrs old and the best dog ever!

Poe: She's on the left (obviously) Oh Poe...sweet sweet little Poe. How can one sum Poe up into a few short sentences? After having Jackson for 4 years we decided that he needed a friend (even if he didn't agree). We started looking for another border collie to adopt. One day I get a call from my husband. He found his dog. His little girl. He sends me the petfinder link of a dog where you can clearly see the word CRAZY in her big beautiful brown eyes . Lucky for her, those big brown eyes were overshadowed by the cutest little freckled nose ever. Problem was that she was in Alabama. And we are not. But apparently we are crazy too and we drove 15 hrs to go meet her and brought her home to Maryland. She is about 20months old and a border collie/hungrarian hellhound mix. Or Border collie/springer spaniel mix. We haven't really figured it out yet.

Setsail: That's me *waves*. I am the chauffeur, personal trainer, poop-picker upper, chef, and personal assistant to Jackson and Poe :)

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  1. Oh how I love Jacks & Poe! Can't wait for the stories to begin :)