Sunday, February 15, 2009

Country Collies in the City (how's that for alliteration)

Jackson and Poe hit the big city this morning. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to take the furry little terrorists to the most heavily guarded city in the country, Washington DC. Surprisingly the kids were on their best behavior. Poe was jumping up on statues, walls, and monuments, but at least she got down when police drove by. Jackson whined a bit, but who in Washington doesn't whine about something? They were so cute that tourists were taking their pictures. So if you see Poe and Jack on a billboard in Germany don't be too surprised.

Given their good behavior we tried to take a few pictures of the kids in front of monuments. You might think this totally crazy, but last year we saw a man taking pictures of his cat on a leash. I think he's got the pet crazy market cornered so we might be okay.

The kids were great with the tourists and the crowds but with Jackson and Poe you never know what is going to happen when out in public. Things can go bad or they can go good. You just learn to go with the flow. Today luck was on our side. Honestly a million things can happen with these two.

This is how our day COULD have gone:

Poe deciding that gates reading "DO NOT ENTER" don't apply to her.
Jackson thinking that might not be the best idea.

Shit! The Police!
*Whistling* Nothing to see here officer. We were just taking our humans out for a walk. No breaking and entering going on around here. *whistling*

Mom that was close! I was a little nervous.

I'm sorry Mom, I didn't mean to cause any trouble. Forgive me?*

* this is how you know this is just my imagination. Like Poesy would ever apologize for having fun and getting in trouble.


The kids were great. They worked on sit stays, showed off for tourists and only dragged us like sled dogs about 50% of the time. They passed a few dogs with minimal hysterics and handled large groups of people ignoring them (the ultimate horror and torture). All in all it was a nice day. Of course the day couldn't be complete without a few snafus.

1) Poe tried to jump into the duck pond

2) Poe jumped up on a 5 ft retaining wall and fell off the other side (luckily the ground was only 6 inches down on the other side)

3) Jackson tried to jump on the same wall but didn't have enough slack in the leash so he was dangling, holding on to the wall with his little front legs while I tried to hold up his rump and ease him down to the ground

4) Poe tried to chase some gulls

5) Poe tried to jump into the duck pond.......................................again.

So all in all, this trip was a great success after our last trip. There weren't any police watching us on this trip (thank goodness- the day could have matched my imagination after all), but that wasn't true on our last trip into the city. Poe and Jackson decided to play bratty siblings in front of the White House and in front of two police officers. They tangled the leashes around my legs and rolled on the ground like two horny squirrels. I'm yelling at my husband for help but he was too busy taking pictures (bastard). The two police officers stayed in their nice warm car and laughed hysterically at the poor redhead hog tied on the White House Lawn. Serve and Protect my ass.

So yeah, after that trip, I'll count today a victory.

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